Our Angel Riders

Until We Meet Again...May God Keep You

In Memory of Our Fallen Riders

When we reminisce, you'll bring us songs of joy, laughter, and warmth in our hearts forever and always; I thank God every time I remember you....

Philippians 1:3

St. James

Officer Renaldo C. St. James (“Saint”) of the DeKalb County Police Department was a loyal member of the FrontRunnerz M/C of Atlanta.  He passed away in September, 2005 in a tragic motorcycle accident where he was blind sided at an intersection on the way to the movies.  The organization was so moved by his passing, a scholarship fund was established in his honor shortly thereafter.  He left behind a cherished young son and wife.

Yellow Diamond

Daughter of Bigg Dogg, Cheryl Kendrick, and Foxxy Kitty (step-mom).  She got her name because of her beautiful, vibrant personality.  She loved to sing in her church choir and dance.  She died in a tragic car accident August 2009.  She was the first President of the Junior FrontRunnerz. 


Andrea "Encore" Sampson  had in infectious smile.  He rode a Yamaha R1. He loved music and playing the piano.  He worked as a Systems Specialist for Primerica.  He became a member of Frontrunnerz in 2010.  His bright light burnt out on April 29, 2011 from a careless cage driver.   He will forever be missed! Rest in Peace, my friend....we love you!